We will become a green energy & materials company that drives the world
We will achieve ‘All Time Net Zero’to create a sustainable world where everyone can live happily
For the past 60 years, SK Innovation has been a driving force to propel the world through its energy and chemical businesses, and represented a "history of challenge and innovation."

In 1962, when per capita income was less than $100, establishing the nation's first oil refinery in a small fishing village in Ulsan seemed like a reckless challenge. The 60 years of history beginning in a small village became the history of the Korean energy industry itself. From Korea's first oil refinery to a naphtha cracking center, and aromatics manufacturing facility, as well as the completion of "oil to fiber" vertical integrating, resource development with less than 5% success rate, and the development of future growth engines such as batteries and materials businesses, represent the 60 years of challenges and innovations

Marking its 60th anniversary of foundation this year,
SK Innovation has declared its vision, "All time Net Zero" which aims to offset all its carbon footprint of not only the present and future but also that of the past 60 years by 2062, its 100th anniversary.

This vision is a declaration to offset all its carbon footprint by 2062, which marks its 100th anniversary. This is SK Innovation's yet another challenging goal and new commitment beyond the "2050 Net Zero" for zero net carbon emissions in 2050 compared to the 2019 emission level.

SK Innovation strives to make a great leap forward as a green energy company that creates a sustainable global environment and simultaneously pledges to pass on clean energy without carbon emissions to future generations. To this end, we plan to further strengthen the "Carbon to Green" financial story presented in July 2021 to speed up our carbon reduction efforts.

Going beyond its 60-year history, SK Innovation will continue to challenge, innovate and solidify its position as a "Global Green Energy & Materials Company".

In the next 60 years, SK Innovation will also grow into a company that provides sustainable energy and gains recognition from various stakeholders, to create a world full of happiness for everyone.

Kim, Jun

SK innovation CEO & President

Kim, Jun

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