Green Innovation

Expansion of Low-carbon Portfolio & Business Model

The world is witnessing a rapid paradigm shift to a low-carbon society.
SK Innovation is one of the prime movers having readily prepared for these developments from early on. Embracing the Carbon to Green transition, the company will make a spurt in creating a low-carbon business portfolio and expanding green business models, thus increasing the shares of products and services creating environmental values. This way, we will continue to grow our corporate value as a Green Energy & Materials Company.

Expand Green Portfolio

Doubling the ratio of green assets to energy & chemical assets through the innovation of the portfolio

“Carbon to Green” is a strategy SK Innovation pursues as a ‘Green Energy & Materials Company’, and we aim to increase the ratio of green assets to energy and chemical assets to 200% by 2025.

2025 Mid-to-long term Roadmap
Green Energy & Materials Co.
Strategic Directions
Carbon to Green
Execution Strategy
Green Anchoring
Battery and materials and
all related areas
batteries, LiBS, etc.

Green Transformation
Assets contributing to carbon
reduction and a circular economy
plastic recycling, distributed power generation and hydrogen, lubricants for EVs, etc.
New & New
New business portfolio development
involving future energy sources

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