Winning the Trust

Enhancing Compliance Management

SK Innovation follows anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws ever tightening worldwide and strives to root out corruption risks as a move to prevent socio-economic losses and external risks caused by unethical management. At the same time, we reinforce information security risk management for preemptive protection against cyberattacks and security risks looming along the automation and digitalization of business facilities and teleworking in the post pandemic era.

Reduction of Corruption Risks to Zero

Targeting zero corruption incidents, 100% employee completion of anti-corruption education

SK Innovation operates anti-corruption compliance programs based on a “Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)” structure to prevent corruption risks inside and outside the company and thus root out corruptive behaviors, with which we ultimately aim to build an anti-corruption compliance system meeting global standards by 2025.

2025 Mid-to-long term Roadmap
Define/Identify potential risks and establish policies based on action plans to prevent risks.
· Delivering warning messages of “Zero Tolerance Policy” from the management level on a regular basis.
· Ask for pledging to abide by ethical management including compliance with anti-corruption.
· Establish channels for whistle-blowing regarding anti corruption issues and preliminary review processes.
· Implement internal programs to protect whistle-blowers.
· Provide anti-corruption education programs
for all employees

· Monitor corruption risks and the operating status of the anti-corruption compliance programs
· Improve the compliance program the following year based on the review results

SK Ethics Management Counsel
and non-Compliance report

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