Road to Net Zero

Achieving Net Zero

SK Innovation will make aggressive investments and speed up technology development to facilitate low-carbon operations and slash its carbon emissions. The company will communicate its actual progress towards net zero, which of course includes specific carbon reduction data, with external stakeholders and make devoted endeavors to reach net zero with sincere commitment and responsibility.

Investments in Low-carbon R&D

Accumulated R&D investments of KRW 1.2 trillion

SK Innovation will have invested KRW 1.2 trillion, in an aggregated total, in low-carbon R&D activities between 2022 and 2025, to explore new business opportunities considering the market environment, such as the shift in the global energy mix, and continue to expand its business portfolio.

2025 Mid-to-long term Roadmap
Research Areas and Key Tasks


  • CCUS
  • Water

Plastics & Solutions

  • Plastic Recycle
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Lightweight materials solutions


  • Aromatics & olefins
  • New catalysts & processes

Petroleum, Lubricant

  • Low-carbon feedstock and products
  • Recycled asphalt
  • Recyling of waste
  • E-fluids

IT and Electronic Materials

  • Li-ion battery separators
  • Display materials

Fuel Cells for Automobiles

  • Battery material
  • Battery cell/module/

ESS battery

  • ESS cell/module/rack
  • Parts for module/rack

All-solid-state battery

  • All-solid-state
    battery materials
  • All-solid-state
    battery cell
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